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Whisky – process management
Whisky – process management
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Whisky – process management

DSC00095The Whisky – process management training consists of the following modules:

  1. Simulation game
  2. Lecture
  3. Workshops

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Simulated reality

Board of directors of a global corporation bought a distillery in Scotland with centuries-old traditions. The international Japanese company decided to use a recognized brand, but to enter into the factory with modern management methods.

The Whisky training combines attractive features of:

  • An effective training of process management according to Lean Manufacturing
  • A workshop integrating and building awareness of the employees in terms of improving the quality and efficiency of processes
  • A business simulation demonstrating in practice the process environment.

The simulated process in a the Whisky training is based on pouring colored sand into bottles. The use of such material can let experience the problems associated with manual handling of the process, thus:

  • qualitative deficiencies in the finished product (sand does not conform to the specifications, the bad proportions, uneven embankment, etc.)
  • maintenance of equipment and the effect of its absence (sand falls between the operating positions)
  • loss of material (sand simply spread on the table)
  • uncertainties and diversity of the operators, the implementation of the actual production takes time
  • impact of the organization of the work on efficiency
  • impact of topography of positions on the shop floor on carrying materials and tools
  • influence of improperly selected tools on time and the quality of technical operations (bad funnel, weight vague, ill-built mill and many others),

Manual operation also enables participants to better engage in the simulation as if it were the actual production hall.

The Whisky training is addressed to key specialists and managerial staff of companies in which:

  • DSC00082Timeliness and quality of service or production process determines the market position
  • There are problems with communication, cooperation, speed or cost of processes.


Whisky może być realizowane w formule jedno, dwu lub trzydniowej w zależności od celów szkoleniowych.

Day 1 – The Basics of Lean, elimination of waste, value stream

  • Introduction to the simulated situation and rules of the game
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Production of the first batch of Whisky
  • Analysis of production time
  • The elimination of loss in the process
  • Optimized production of Whisky
  • Summary of the results of production

Day 2 – volatility, production management

  • Analysis of the innovation card to expand the factory
  • The introduction of new brands of whisky
  • Implementation of production in a changing environment
  • Discussion of efficiency and quality and financial results

Day 3 – SMED and Kanban (optional)

  • Introduction to the methodology of SMED
  • Shortening the time of production changeovers simulated positions based on selected operations in the production of whiskey
  • Introduction to Kanban
  • Cycle time analysis, the use of charts Yamazumi
  • Implementation of whisky production as Kanban system
  • Discussion of the results

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Whisky – process management
2 or 3 days
Training group:
Parallel training groups:


  • Understanding basics of Lean Management
  • Demonstrating impact of management problems on business results
  • Transfer of challenges faced during the simulation to actual situation in a company
  • Integration of people in interactive training
  • Building importance of cooperation and communication in a common process
  • The feeling of victory of improving efficiency of the simulated plant
  • Shaping attitudes to support continuous quality improvement
  • Increasing consciousness of using Lean Management techniques in practice

Contact us!

If you want us to conduct a training or just talk about it.

Use our contact form or send us e-mail: szkolenia@octigo.pl

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