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Colosseum – project fundamentals
Colosseum – project fundamentals
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Colosseum – project fundamentals

The Colosseum PMP training won PMI Award 2013 for the best project management training in the world.

Video clip of the PMI Award Ceremony


Day 1 – Introduction, Initiating a Project

  • Basic concepts of project management
  • Exercise – design, process, task, program, portfolio
  • Knowledge areas of project management
  • Workshop initiation of the project, the role of the project charter
  • Presentation of simulation Colosseum
  • Discussion about the role of project charter in the simulated project

Day 2 – Planning, Risk Management

  • Exercise – creating a project charter
  • Philosophy of project planning according to the PMBOK® Guide
  • Planning scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communication
  • Planning scope and duration of the project Colosseum
  • Discussion about approach to manage the simulated project

Day 3 – Planning, Execution, Time Management, Colosseum

  • Tools and techniques of project manager – exercise
  • Risk management techniques
  • Project coordination
  • Time management techniques
  • Critical Path Method
  • 3 rounds of the Colosseum
  • Discussion of the results of the game and how to adapt to the realities of project management specific project and the project team

Day 4 – Monitoring and control, closing, cost management, the second part of the Colosseum

  • Monitoring and controlling project
  • Project cost management techniques
  • Earned Value Method (online simulation), the online tournament of projects
  • 3 rounds of the Colosseum
  • Discussion of the results of the game and improve the management of the project

Day 5 – Quality Management, a summary of the Colosseum

  • The role of quality management in the project
  • Basic techniques of quality management
  • Soft skills in project management, conflict resolution
  • 3 rounds of the Colosseum
  • Summary of the entire simulation and results

Educational forms:

  1. Lectures – 34% of time
  2. Q&A sessions (60 questions) – 13% of time
  3. Discussion sessions– 13% of time
  4. Simulation game – 26% of time
  5. Workshops – 6% of time
  6. Computer simulation – 3% of time
  7. Final test – 13% of time

About simulated reality

Rome, 71 A.D. For two years the Emperor Flavius Vespasian, who after the death of Nero Caesar and the subsequent civil war came to power chosen by the soldiers. The emperor, general, and the winner in one person, has large financial resources and a great number of slaves. He consistently is building its power and Rome.

A good move is to run an investment that will be profitable and will strengthen prestige of Caesar and the Roman state, and also give a sense of satisfaction to citizens of Rome.

Project simulator of Earned Value Method

Computer simulation allows to run multiple  projects and quickly observe  impact of player’s decisions on results and indicators of the project. The application is available from the browser window and illustrates such techniques, as:

  • earned value method,
  • resource allocation,
  • CPI, SPI, BAC, PV, EV, AC,
  • crashing,
  • multi tasking,
  • switching cost
  • varying resource effectiveness,
  • baselines, actuals, forecasts.

The training is registered in IBM training catalogue under the code PM Fundamentals XM129PL.

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Colosseum – project fundamentals
5 days
Training group:
Parallel training groups:


  • Comprehensive project management training
  • Acquisition of not only project management knowledge but also skills and techniques
  • High attractiveness of training
  • Application of a variety of techniques and methods of training: lectures, classes, workshops, control questions, simulation game, computer simulation
  • Verification practical knowledge acquired during the simulation game Colosseum
  • 60% of the time spent on interactive forms of training
  • Very practical approach to teaching projects
  • Course prepared by holder of PgMP and PMP
  • Experience gained by five times winners of the PMI Award
  • More than 100 pages of printed materials
  • Multiple question and answer sections

Contact us!

If you want us to conduct a training or just talk about it.

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„PM Fundamentals in a nutshell, presented in an organized, structured, concise, fun way!”

„A ‚must’ training for all PMs that can be hard to follow is changes in a ‚really interesting’ training, where theory and practice are merged in a perfect way.”

„Training was good to collect whole knowledge into one pack and recall. Atmosphere was good, many workshops, great in time plan.”

„On a microenvironment you can experience real-life situations and problems but in here you have many people trained and eager to have them resolved or talked through with you.”

„Good atmosphere, the trainer was keeping the audience interested and watching if the group is still with him. The trainer with great experience, showed many aspects of the training on real examples (which was very interesting).”

„Best training I have ever been”

„It has been an original and different approach to PM training.”

Very useful with practical aspects”

„Atmosphere was very good. The materials were very useful for me to order my knowledge about project management. It will very helpful for my future career as project manager.”



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